My First stroke of brush
Very early on in my life I used to see my fatherʼs illustrations. He was inspired from the famous Telugu magazine ‘Swathi.ʼ He would take pencil and reproduce the same with great impact. The lines he drew were straight, sharp, and evolved. It brought life to the characters. I was fascinated by the art. I too tried my hand at illustration and was fairly successful. He was my first inspiration.
Before being fascinated by photograph, I was attracted to the illustration. Then, I took up the brush and started to paint. Over the next few years, I produced academic drawings and paintings (mostly portrait) with rapid improvement. I started to understand the fundamentals of oil paintings. I was told early on that the way you look at world will change before and after you become a photographer.
That did trigger something in me. After completion of ‘mandatory academics’, I was focused to becoming a photographer.
I joined Fine Arts College and studied photography. It always helps as the institution passed down to me to understand basics of how light and chemistry effect film and the anatomy of camera effects. Additionally, there was the luxury to immerse in subject of my interest along with a bunch of peers.

Working my rank up
After I graduated from photography school I was keen on getting real time experience. So I worked as freelance photographer with reputed names in the field of photography – it was here where I got the real learning. I stuck around with photographers for a long time. Itʼs not that you will learn something new early on. I hung around and learned the tricks of the trade, most importantly how important it is to network.

Sticking to my vision
I was sure about one chosen area where I would put all my focus. That’s portrait photography. I believe portrait photography capture the personality and emotion of people. Staying in Mumbai, decide to work with brands. Fashion and Advertising photography showed me the way forward. One thing led to another, I started getting work.
I worked for few top brands. It was greatly enriching and rewarding. Photography actually captures the human encounter. There is a story and a message that people are going to believe and buy the product. There is a certain high when client appreciates the work.

Appreciation for my work

  • Best Fashion Photographer of the year – by The New Indian Express 2015
    Work has been exhibited at 80th Annual All India Fine Arts Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts 2016
  • M.F.A ( Photography & Visual Communication )  Awarded University Gold Medalist for Year 2017Print Campaign – Shortlisted at Abby Goafest 2017
  • Work exhibited at All India Annual Exhibition of Emami Chisel Art Kolkata 2017
  • Print Campaign – Shortlisted at Power of Print (POP) is a unique initiative by the Times Group 2017
  • Group Exhibition Celebrating World Photography week with CONFLUENCE SHOW at Gallery78 August 2019

The Name of The Game
In my opinion the final truth of a great photography is that “it is human.” They must contain presence, tension, a life, and a finely balanced amalgam of feeling and craft. When I am not doing all things photography-related I am probably painting.

Aneel Boosa